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Computed tomography

We carry out painless and safe examination on a modern 16-slice Philips Brilliance tomograph.
We provide quality CT scans and professional reports of radiologists.

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Diagnostics for COVID-19 

Express test Antigen for COVID-19 UAH 250
(results in 15 minutes)

Chest CT + rapid test for Covid – 1250 UAH.

Welcome to our diagnostic center!

Neuromed Plus is a:

diagnostic center, where you can undergo unpainful and indifferent types of assessment of the body, allowing you to identify different diseases and pathologies.

Equipment: Highly-productive computed tomography scanner Philips Brilliance 16 completely corresponds to the requirements of daily routine and is ideal for routine screening in computed tomography due to rapid data collection and processing, high quality of screening. The set of automation tools for scanning on Brilliance 16 can significantly increase patient capacity.

Our services
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The diagnostic center Neuromed Plus uses 16-slice helix CT machine for all body screening.

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Our services

Medical equipment of our diagnostic center allows to provide the following screenings:

Brain CT

Scanning of the brain, skull and surrounding tissues, screening of the paranasal sinuses, that allows to identify various pathologies of the brain or ENT organs. Diagnostic screening to assess the condition of the bones of the facial skull and others.

Spine CT

State screening and diagnostic of pathological changes of cervical spin; for pathology diagnostic of thoracic spine; screening that evaluate the structure of the spine and allowing to detect paraplasm and etc.

Articulations and bones CT

Screening the bones and the surrounding tissues of the shoulder girdle to identify the pathology. Screening of elbow joint and all its structures for the diagnosis and detection of trauma after-effectiveness. Sectional screening of hip joint tissues for the diagnosis of pathological changes in its structure.

Internal organs CT

Screening, that allows to obtain the data on the state of thoracic organs and interpleural space. Method of estimation of the urinary system state via computed tomography. Screening that provides information about the abdominal cavity organs and small pelvis, as well as the surrounding tissues.

Additional services

Listing СТ- images on film.
Duplication of the film.
Record screening results on CD.
PCR test for COVID-19 – 800 UAH
COVID-19 antigen test – 350 UAH

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Our specialists

Medical equipment is only half the battle! It is important to provide correct investigation.


Guseva Irina Aleksandrovna

  • Radiotherapist
  • Professional experience over 5 years

Irina Aleksandrovna graduated from DZ «DMA MOH of Ukraine»

Professional experience over 5 years
Overall experience in medicine 7 years.

Member of the European Association of Radiologists (ESOR), member of the club «Ivan Puluy», Member of the Association of Radiologists of Ukraine (ARU).

She has experience and knowledge in the pathology of the musculoskeletal system, computed tomography of the thoracic organs, abdominal cavity organs and small pelvis, CT angiography of vessels of the brain and neck.

Specializes in computed tomography,magnetic resonance imaging and X-ray.

Constantly improve her professional level by attending interstate and international scientific and practical conference on radiology,participates in discussion of interesting cases with members of the club «I. Puluy», make reports, speaks English fluently.

Radiologist of the highest category

Gorshkova Elena Viktorovna

  • Radiologist of the highest category
  • Professional experience over 13 years

Elena Viktorovna has a higher medical education. Graduated from DMA, «General Medicine» department in 2004.

On December 27, 2016 she was awarded to the qualification of a doctor of the highest category.

She is a member of the radiology club «Ivan Puluy», that is the Member of the Association of Radiologists of Ukraine (ARU).

She regularly takes part in All Ukrainian research and practice conference and conferences held on the basis of the KZ OKBM, and also has publications.

She is in possession of methods such as:
CT angiography of vessels of the brain and neck, orthography of vessels of the lower and upper extremities, coronagraphy. She can provide and describe CT perfusion brain, mammography.

Within the framework of professional activity meets with the pathology of urological, neurosurgical, surgical profiles. She has an experience in trauma-pathology, cardio-rheumatology and pulmonology, gastroenterology.

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